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To give you community support to turn your BIG Ideas into reality, we founded and host a galaxy of network communities you can join for free

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The BIG Idea Future Business Network is a community of business leaders who are passionate about the future of business.  We meet most Mondays at 10 am Eastern to discuss BIG Ideas for future-forward business models and strategies, innovation and marketing techniques, and emerging technology such as A.I. and the Metaverse. Join for free.
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The 10% Speaker Network is a community of keynote speakers who help each other get speaking engagements.  We meet twice a month on Zoom to network, share our wisdom, and connect each other to speaking opportunities. Join for free.
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The Advisor Team-Up Network is a community of forward-thinking and collaborative financial advisors.  As a member of our community, you'll also be empowered to team-up with other advisors, enhance your value proposition, and scale your business. Join for free.
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The HR Connection Network is a complimentary, members-only peer-network of HR leadership professionals from multiple industries. Share resources, tips, tactics, best practices and more in a “safe-space” available to members of this virtual community. Join for free.
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