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Dancing With Robots is a glimpse into the mindset shift needed to not just survive but thrive in the decades ahead. Bishop’s insights will cause you to take stock of what you need to do in the next 30 days.

Steve Foran 

Author, Speaker


Dancing With Robots

The 29 Strategies For Success in The Age of Hyper-Intelligence

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Algorithms. Blockchains. The Internet of Things. Big data analytics. 5G networks. Self-driving cars. Robotics. 3D printing. In the coming years, these technologies, and others to follow, will have a profound impact on how we work and how we live. Whether we like it or not, we need to learn develop a good working relationship with these technologies. We need to learn how to “dance” with robots.

To thrive in this technology-driven marketplace, business owners, entrepreneurs, and C- suite executives (and everyone else) need to understand the new rules for the new economy. These rules are fundamentally different from the rules that applied in the old industrial economy.

As the CEO of The BIG Idea Company, and the founder of The New Economy Network, I’ve learned how woefully ignorant most people are about how technology is changing the foundations of the economy and the dynamics of the marketplace. During mastermind roundtable discussions, the most common things I hear are: “Wow. We had no idea that artificial intelligence was advancing so quickly.” “I don’t really understand blockchains.” “We need to get ready for 3D printing and self-driving cars.” “We need to develop a strategy to avoid being disrupted.” “We need to come up with a way to disrupt our marketplace, but we don’t know what to do.”

Coming away from these discussion, and also based on feedback from my speeches, I concluded that people benefit greatly when I provide them with a roadmap to navigate this new environment. That’s why I am giving this keynote: Dancing With Robots: The 28 Strategies For Success In The New Economy.

Dancing With Robots is based on my work with clients at The BIG Idea Company. During the past twenty years, more than 5,000 companies and organizations have completed my BIG Idea Adventure Program. This experience has given us tremendous insight into what works and doesn’t work in the new economy.


Dancing With Robots Testimonials

Leaders walk the line of dealing with the unknown, building confidence to act in those around them, and operating from principles instead of scripts. Bishop is such a leader. In Dancing with Robots, readers will go to the precipice of the immediate future in four intersecting domains: humanity, technology, thinking, and business. 29 strategies take the edge off of how to embrace artificial intelligence and technology - yes, to dance with it!  Readers from the humanities, business, entrepreneurs, healthcare, and futurists will appreciate the nuanced stories and sharp focus that supports each strategy. In the end, the whole is greater than the sum of each part. Highly recommend.

Michael R Bleich

Senior Professor and Director

Virginia Commonwealth University Langston Center for Innovation in Quality and Safety


I firmly believe Bill Bishop belongs in the same conversations as those involving Seth Godin, Gary V, and others like them (he's a lot more accessible too). He has the unique ability to take several marketing and sales ideas-techniques and marry them with technology and after 20 minutes be able to distill everything in an easy to understand plan. I've never worked with anyone like Bill and recommend anything he writes...and ultimately teaches.

David Marinac

President and CEO

ABC Packaging Direct and The Oversea Network


I’ve devoured just about everything Bill Bishop has written. He has the unique ability of distilling complex ideas into simple, doable and commercial outcomes. Three such ideas I took, and actioned, from his last book were simply to identify a big goal; a big problem; and a signature program to satiate them.

Pádraic Ó Máille


Smácht Training


Dancing with Robots is a timely contribution to our knowledge of how to succeed in the new economy. His 29 practical strategies, personal insights and big ideas are a game-changer for business leaders.

Nancy MacKay, Founder & Board Member, MacKay CEO Forums

Bill Bishop is the "forward-est" of forward thinkers. If you want to see into the future of AI and automation and gain insights into how you might adapt your business and yourself to what's coming next, you have found the right book. Bill paints a picture of the future that is understandable yet comprehensive enough to help you with strategies to survive and thrive among the coming changes. Dancing With Robots: The 29 Strategies For Success In The Age of AI and Automation is a must read for entrepreneurs and everyone looking into the future.

Sturdy McKee

Business Coach

Bill Bishop helped Turkstra Lumber develop our Big Idea, the Build-It-Better program.  This program has been a big hit with our DIY customers and has moved us away from Old Factory Thinking and into the New Economy. The New Economy Thinker was a must-read for our entire Team.  Dancing with Robots is a fascinating book that builds on Bill’s concepts outlined in The New Economy Thinker.  The topic is timely and thought provoking as we move into an uncharted but exciting time to be business leaders.  We’re all looking forward to moving out of the “factories” and joining the “network”.

Jon Wagner


Turkstra Lumber


Bill Bishop has done it again, taking readers on a journey to the future that is entertaining and insightful. Dancing With Robots is for anyone seeking to understand the New Economy and helps to explain why our future will be more human - not less. As an educator this book offers hope that the future will be defined not by traditional academic siloes but by big ideas that require co-creation, our human curiosity and creativity, and maybe a few robots.

Garret Westlake

Executive Director

Virginia Commonwealth University da Vinci Center for Innovation


 Bill Bishop’s latest book ‘Dancing with Robots’ is an invitation to explore his 29 Strategies for Success in the New Economy. Entrepreneurs will find Bill’s insights regarding the impact of AI on our future business models exciting and thought provoking. Get your invitation to the dance now. I highly recommend it.

Patrick Power

Creator and Founder of The Discovery Connection Program


“Bill brings the reader into the future with Dancing with Robots, and prepares the estute leader to shed old world economy beliefs and, with urgency, learn, embrace and put into practice new economy beliefs. Why is this important? The future has arrived and many of us are asleep to the new reality of new economy leadership essentials.”

Keith Cupp, Founder Gravitas Impact


Dancing with Robots is another amazing futuristic book from Bill Bishop. After reading this book you will have an opportunity to become an Industry transformer and be in that 10% of companies that embrace technology in order to survive, grow and disrupt their industry.

Jeffrey Calibaba




Dancing with robots is a glimpse into the mindset shift needed to not just survive but thrive in the decades ahead. Bishop’s stories are relevant and his insights will cause you to take stock of what you need to do in the next 30 days.

Steve Foran 

Author, Speaker and Trusted Advisor to CEO


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