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The 11X Advisor
How to build a successful financial service firm in the new economy


Join us for an inspiring & innovative presentation by Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company



If so, you need to learn New Factory Thinking, the new and better way to grow a financial service business. New factory thinking will help you make more money, attract more great customers, and scale your financial advisory firm 10x or more.

If this sounds exciting, join Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company, as he presents "The New Factory Thinker," the new and better way to create BIG Ideas and build the future business of your dreams.




Old Factory Thinking: Traditional financial business models typically focus on producing and selling a single product or service. This product-first approach leads to intense competition, low profit margins, and limited growth opportunities. It also stifles your creativity and limits your opportunities for growth.


New Factory Thinking: Using this customer-first approach, you build your "new factory" around a "BIG Idea" rather than a specific product or service. You then set up a "value hub" to provide an eco-system of products and services, most of them provided by other companies. You also increase your sales per client by turning them into "program members". This new factory approach-used by Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook— greatly expands the potential of your company.




By attending The 11X Advisor, you will learn how to:

1  Stand out in the marketplace by packaging your BIG Idea: something new, better and different that takes your value proposition to a much higher level.

2   Attract more prospects by inviting them into a free network community (like LinkedIn)

3   Increase your sales to each customer by turning them into program members (like Amazon Prime)

4   Generate passive income by connecting your customers with vendors in your value hub store (like the Apple iTunes Store).

Finally get your BIG Ideas off the ground by thinking big and starting small.


Three reasons to attend


Get big ideas


By opening up your mind with new factory thinking, your brain will start percolating with BIG Ideas, even while Bill is giving the presentation.


Rewire your brain for success

You will learn a whole new suite of future-forward business strategies that work great in today’s technology-driven marketplace.


Feel inspired


You will leave the presentation with an exciting new perspective, feeling equipped to navigate the future with greater clarity and confidence. You will feel liberated from the chains of old factory thinking, and be ready to build the future business of your dreams.

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