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The BIG Idea Marketing Success Network is a community of business leaders who are passionate about getting more great customers and making bigger sales.  We meet most Mondays at 10 am Eastern to discuss BIG Idea marketing and sales strategies, packaging techniques, value creation methods, future forward business models and emerging technology such as A.I. and the metaverse. Join for free.
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The 10% Speaker Network is a community of keynote speakers who help each other get speaking engagements.  We meet twice a month on Zoom to network, share our wisdom, and connect each other to speaking opportunities. Join for free.
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The Advisor Team-Up Network is a community of forward-thinking and collaborative financial advisors.  As a member of our community, you'll also be empowered to team-up with other advisors, enhance your value proposition, and scale your business. Join for free.
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The HR Connection Network is a complimentary, members-only peer-network of HR leadership professionals from multiple industries. Share resources, tips, tactics, best practices and more in a “safe-space” available to members of this virtual community. Join for free.
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