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Our BIG Idea Process & Programs

Over the past 25 years 5,000 business leaders have profited from our advanced BIG Idea innovation process. This step-by-step process helps you identify a BIG Idea that excites you, and provides the guidance, tools, and community support to turn your BIG Idea into a profitable and fulfilling reality. To learn more about our programs and start working on your BIG Idea, schedule your free BIG Idea Conversation.

Working with Bill Bishop has been a game-changer for our business. His innovative approach to marketing has truly set him apart from the competition. Throughout our partnership, his communication and responsiveness were impeccable. We always felt like a top priority, and he was quick to address any questions or concerns. The transparency and clear reporting ensured we were always aware of the progress being made. Thanks to Bill, our business experienced substantial growth, and our brand recognition soared.
Mike Laurie • Founder • Planit

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 9.48.27 AM.png

I extend my sincere gratitude to Bill for his insightful contributions and the thought-provoking concepts he has introduced. His ability to present novel perspectives and emerging technologies has significantly broadened my approach to our business's challenges. Bill has a commendable talent for engaging his colleagues with innovative strategies that, without his guidance, might have remained outside of my consideration. His efforts in fostering this environment of exploration and growth are deeply valued. Thank you, Bill, for your dedication and inspiring influence.

Brent Bolger • Brendar Environmental Inc

Bill has paved the way for fresh, improved methods of interacting with our key prospects. His insights, particularly those encapsulated in his book "The New Factory Thinker," have illuminated alternative business models and perspectives on our market.  Embracing these principles, we are in the process of constructing our "new factory," aiming to deliver enhanced value to our quintessential customers. Bill Bishop's expertise is authentic and profound.

Frederick Hann • Garden Connections Inc.

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