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Bill Bishop is the founder and CEO of The BIG Idea Company. He has coached more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and CEOs from dozens of industries over the past 30 years. 


He is the author of eleven business books including How To Sell A Lobster, The New Factory Thinker, Dancing Wtih Robots, Return Of The Lobster, The Problem With Penguins, Beyond Basketballs, Going To The Net, and Strategic Marketing For The Digital Age, the first book ever published about Internet marketing.

He was the founder of The Uptown, a Toronto-based entertainment magazine.


He is the creator of The BIG Idea Adventure, an advanced coaching program that helps entrepreneurs create and package their BIG Ideas.

He is the founder of The BIG Idea Future Business Network, a network of business people and influencers who are passionate about the new economy.

He is also the inventor of Quibberish®, the paraphrase puzzle game.


Bill has given hundreds of presentations to groups around the world in dozens of countries.

On the personal side, he is the grandson of Billy Bishop, the World War 1 flyer ace, and the great-grandson of Timothy Eaton, the department store entrepreneur.






 About Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop is an entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and innovation coach.  For the past 35 years, he has helped entrepreneurs develop BIG Ideas for the future of their business. He teaches and coaches them about future-oriented business strategies that combine marketing strategies, an innovation mindset, and leading-edge technology.

During the 1980s, Bill worked as the "technology explainer" for several technology-driven companies including Apple, Bell Canada, IBM and Kodak.  Using his knowledge of Apple desktop publishing technology, Bill started The BIG Idea Company in 1987, the first company in Canada to provide electronic desktop publishing services.  Bill founded a monthly entertainment magazine called The Uptown, and published more than 100 corporate newsletters and magazines.  In 1989, he also launched an internet services company called Bishop Information Group to provide dial-up Internet, email, and customized online BBS bulletin board services. 

Bill is one of the pioneers of digital marketing. In 1996, Bill wrote Strategic Marketing For The Digital Age (HarperCollins)—the first book ever published in the world about Internet marketing.  In the book, published in 12 languages, Bill invented the term “digital marketing” and predicted the rise of e-commerce, social media, smart phones, app stores, crypto-currencies, video streaming and AI machine learning. He also forecast many important digital economy issues such as online privacy, cyber-security, identity theft, and data mining.

In the following years, Bill wrote ten other books including How To Sell A Lobster, The Problem With Penguins, Beyond Basketballs, and Going To The Net.  These books have been sold in 25 countries and translated into 12 languages. How To Sell A Lobster has sold more than one million copies worldwide.  His recent foreign rights all-books contract with a Chinese publisher is the largest-ever deal of its kind for a Canadian-based non-fiction author.


His two most recent books—The New Factory Thinker and Dancing With Robots explore how to create innovative BIG Ideas using hyper-intelligent technology such as artificial intelligence, robots, the internet of things, the blockchain, quantum computing, and the metaverse.  Collectively, he calls these emerging technologies "the hyper-verse".

Bill has delivered keynote speeches, workshops and webinars to hundreds of organizations including The MIT Entrepreneur Program, TEC, Entrepreneur's Organization (EO), MacKay CEO Forums, Advocis, The Knowledge Bureau, MDRT, NAIFA, NAPFA, Independent Financial Brokers, Workcomp Advisors, Pro-Seminars, BNI, The Ivey School of Business, The Schulich School of Business, and Queen's University Executive MBA Program.


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