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I'm delighted to share my experience with Bill Bishop and the Big Idea Company. Working with him has been a game-changer for our business. His innovative approach to marketing has truly set him apart from the competition. Throughout our partnership, his communication and responsiveness were impeccable. We always felt

like a top priority, and he was quick to address any questions or concerns. The transparency and clear reporting ensured we were always aware of the progress being made. Thanks to Bill, our business experienced substantial growth, and our brand recognition soared. He demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our success, and it's evident in the remarkable results we achieved. We couldn't be happier with his services and would highly recommend Bill to any company looking to take their business to the next level. In a world filled with marketing agencies, Bill Bishop truly stands out as an innovative and results-driven partner. His unique approach has made a significant impact on our business, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.

Mike Laurie • Founder • Planit

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Bill has paved the way for fresh, improved methods of interacting with our key prospects. His insights, particularly those encapsulated in his book "The New Factory Thinker," have illuminated alternative business models and perspectives on our market. Embracing these principles, we are in the process of constructing our new factory. Bill Bishop's expertise is authentic and profound.

Frederick Hann • Garden Connections Inc.

Bill SimpsonInventory Consultants
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Chenine HumphreyBookkeeping Industry
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The teaching and coaching has allowed us to move into a new market and shift our perspective on what and how we sell to our clients. We learned how to package what we do in a different way. It shifted how we think about speaking and offering to our clients as well as how we present to our clients. We also learned how to fast track a book we were writing and come up with a catchy title. Bill is easy to work with and looks to help our business succeed in any way he can. I felt like he really cares about our success.

Nilufer Erdebil•  Spring2 Innovation

Hugh MacdonaldFinancial Services
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Frances TolerFinancial Services
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Bill Bishop's guidance has been transformative for both me and my business. His teachings and coaching have ushered in a new era of clarity and forward-thinking, challenging outdated norms and fostering a culture of innovation. The most significant learnings from Bill include fostering team collaboration, identifying and nurturing big ideas, and implementing a robust system to track progress and growth, inspiring a 10X mindset. His influence has been pivotal in steering our team towards a future-oriented path, sharpening our focus on service delivery and clientele. Bill's role in reshaping our business strategy and team dynamics cannot be overstated; his insights have been a beacon of progress.

Rick Scruggs •  Financial Designs

Paul ElmslieHealthcare
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Richard HarveyFinancial Services
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Vincent DjenFashion Industry
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Bill’s Big Idea Adventure is the best money I have spent in my business in years. His process helped me uplevel my offerings and describe my business in a way that people are curious about, engaged in, and most importantly, want to pay for! I have a second meeting in a couple of weeks with an extremely high-level prospect that I’m confident I would not have without Bill’s framing/help. My strong recommendation: start the program asap!

Morgan Hamel • Morgan Hamel Advisory Services

Mark HudonFinancial Services
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Luke KratzFinancial Services
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When we think of innovation and innovation in our businesses, we often think of technology, like artificial intelligence. However, what we really need is innovation in our thinking about what is possible in business. Most of us are locked down in an old way of thinking that Bill calls OLD FACTORY THINKING. This is where we are stuck in the past, which holds us back from all kinds of things we could do. Bill Bishop is The BIG IDEA guy, and Bill helps executives and business leaders get unstuck, think differently, and become NEW FACTORY THINKERS. Bill helps business leaders think differently and truly differentiate themselves in their markets. Every business can benefit from engaging Bill, like I did, or open your mind by joining Bill's open community of business leaders called the Future Business Network.

Dan Lykken • Xosphere Business & Leadership Coaching

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Bill's guidance has been a cornerstone in the evolution of both my mindset and my business approach. His forward-thinking ideas and willingness to challenge conventional norms have opened up a new realm of possibilities for me. The most significant takeaways from my experience with Bill include an array of innovative ideas, fresh thinking, and an introduction to cutting-edge technologies. These elements have been instrumental in guiding me to explore and adopt new strategies for my business. Bill excels in pushing boundaries and encouraging exploration of uncharted territories. His commitment to introducing and helping implement these novel concepts has been invaluable. I am deeply grateful for Bill's relentless drive to challenge and expand my professional horizons

Brent Bolger •   Brendar Environmental Inc

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Bill's Big Idea process has been nothing short of revolutionary for me and my business. His coaching and support have enabled me to transform my services into scalable, structured products, setting me apart in a competitive market. The most valuable lesson has been learning to convert big ideas into a 'value-first' process. This approach doesn't just drive sales; it cultivates lifelong customers. Bill's expertise as a coach is unparalleled. He has a unique ability to help experts re-envision their potential. Working with him has been an eye-opening experience, and I only wish I had discovered his guidance sooner. Bill is an essential mentor for any entrepreneur seeking to elevate their business.

Shauna Moran •  Shauna Moran Coaching


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Bill's empathy and wisdom have been a guiding light. He has a remarkable talent for making complex ideas accessible and valuable. I'm grateful for the clear, helpful direction he's provided—it's made a significant difference.

Pádraic Ó Máille • Smácht Business Training

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I firmly believe Bill Bishop belongs in the same conversations as those involving Seth Godin, Gary V, and others like them (he's a lot more accessible too). He has the unique ability to take several marketing and sales ideas-techniques and marry them with technology and after 20 minutes be able to distill everything in an easy to understand plan. I've never worked with anyone like Bill and recommend anything he writes...and ultimately teaches and coaches

David Marinac • ABC Packaging

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Embracing the visionary insights from Bill Bishop's approach, similar to those found in 'Dancing with Robots', offers a unique opportunity to become a transformative force in your industry. By adopting these futuristic concepts, you position yourself in the vanguard 10% of companies that leverage technology not just for survival, but for growth and industry disruption. His teachings illuminate a path for businesses to redefine their sector, harnessing the power of innovation and forward-thinking strategies.

Jeff Calibaba • GamePlanHR

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Bill Bishop was instrumental in helping Turkstra Lumber craft our innovative 'Build-It-Better' program. This initiative has resonated tremendously with our DIY customers, steering us away from outdated industrial methods and propelling us into the dynamic landscape of the New Economy. His guidance, akin to the principles he advocates in his writings like 'The New Economy Thinker', has been essential reading for our entire team. As we navigate these uncharted yet exhilarating times in business leadership, Bill’s insights help us transition from traditional 'factory' mindsets to being active participants in a connected 'network'. His influence has not just been enlightening but also pivotal in reshaping our business approach.

Jon Wagner • Turkstra Lumber

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In navigating the complexities of leadership, one faces the perpetual challenge of confronting the unknown, instilling confidence in others, and making decisions based on core principles rather than predefined scripts. This is where Bishop's coaching excels. His approach takes clients to the forefront of the immediate future, intertwining four key domains: humanity, technology, thinking, and business. Through his coaching, leaders learn 29 strategic approaches to not just cope with, but effectively embrace and 'dance' with advancements in artificial intelligence and technology.

This coaching is valuable for a diverse audience, including professionals from humanities, business sectors, entrepreneurs, healthcare, and those with a futuristic outlook. Bishop's coaching enriches understanding through nuanced stories and sharp, focused support for each strategy. Ultimately, the collective wisdom gained from this coaching is far more impactful than its individual parts. It comes highly recommended for those seeking to lead effectively in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Michael R Bleich • Virginia Commomwealth University

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Bill Bishop's invaluable contributions at SBLR have been remarkable. His innovative thinking and guidance were instrumental in helping us break free from "The Product First Trap" that ensnared many accounting firms. Understanding our mission to assist entrepreneurs, Bill played a crucial role in creating The Dynamic Entrepreneur Solution™, a transformative process tailored for entrepreneurs.

Bill's strategic insight and dedication enabled SBLR to consistently meet our growth targets. He has helped us establish ourselves as the go-to accounting firm for entrepreneurs, creating valuable intellectual property along the way. We believe The Dynamic Entrepreneur Solution™ will be remembered as one of the most significant milestones in SBLR's history, thanks to Bill's instrumental role in this transformation.

Mitch Silverstein • SBLR Accounting

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Bill Bishop has been an invaluable partner in transforming my business. With his help, we professionally packaged our succession, exit, and transition planning services, resulting in a 50% revenue increase within just 18 months. The Blueprints For Tomorrow® program, which Bill assisted us in creating, has elevated our image, making us stand out as winners offering something truly valuable and unique. This enhanced packaging has not only attracted more prospects but also led to more closed deals and increased profits. Moreover, Bill's guidance in creating an affiliate version of our program promises even more exciting revenue opportunities. Thanks to Bill, our future looks promising.

Nate Sachs • Blueprints For Tomorrow

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Bill Bishop's guidance has been a game-changer for Singer Nelson Charlmers, an insurance brokerage in New Jersey. By packaging our value-added services as products, Bill helped us break free from the trap of selling insurance as mere commodities. This approach has allowed us to showcase our unique offerings, like The HealthPlan Optimizer, as something truly new, better, and different. Bill's emphasis on crafting BIG Stories and Success Stories has amplified our communication efforts, making our value proposition more meaningful and objective. Thanks to Bill's expertise, we've transformed how we promote and sell our services with tangible results.

David Singer  • Singer Nelson Charlmers

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My journey with Bill Bishop has been transformative. As a residential real estate agent in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I began my Big Idea Adventure in 2002. Bill's guidance led me to achieve #1 status in my market for multiple consecutive years, a remarkable feat. Together, we overhauled my business, refined processes, and embraced a client-centric approach, resulting in a 50% increase in sales and a 30% boost in profits. Bill's expertise has truly reshaped my success.

Tony Ratchford  • Walker Financial Group

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Bill Bishop's expertise has been instrumental in transforming my coaching program, The Vertical Growth Network, for insurance brokers. Packaging my Big Ideas has enabled me to connect more effectively with my marketplace. Creating The Vertical Growth Model simplified our message, making it easier to explain our program's benefits and attract more members. By packaging our advice as concepts with names, graphics, and exercises, we empower our clients to understand and act on them swiftly. The result? Our clients dramatically outperform others in the insurance broker industry. Bill has shown that effective packaging and communication are key to marketplace connection.

Rick Bauman • IC3 Coaching

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Bill Bishop's expertise in branding and packaging has profoundly simplified my entrepreneurial journey. By naming and packaging my BIG Ideas, I've witnessed improvements across the board. It's now easier to attract and close clients, deliver services efficiently, and increase revenue. The branded packaging communicates our uniqueness and scalability, allowing other coaches to adopt our methods. Offering a packaged Starter Session enhances our professionalism and frees up my time. The Three Boxes strategy streamlines the sales process, resulting in higher client engagement and spending. Joining The BIG Idea Adventure is a must for anyone in the competitive world of intangible services.

Steve Semple • Business Coaching

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Bill Bishop stands as one of the most visionary thinkers of our time, particularly when it comes to understanding the future of AI and automation. If you're looking to gain insights into adapting your business and personal strategies for the upcoming changes in technology, Bishop's coaching offers an invaluable resource. He has a unique ability to clarify the future landscape in a way that is both comprehensible and comprehensive, equipping you with the necessary strategies to not just survive but thrive in the evolving environment. His approach is particularly essential for entrepreneurs and anyone keen on staying ahead in our rapidly changing world.

Sturdy McKee •

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Bill's creativity and storytelling prowess brought our vision to life, making it relatable and persuasive. The parable's format, featuring the story of two sailors in the British Virgin Islands, with one character's business success attributed to our process, resonated deeply with our audience.

One standout example of its effectiveness was when a previously unreachable prospect became one of our major clients after reading the book. This prospect identified with the character's journey and aspired to emulate their success, leading to a fruitful partnership.

Bill Bishop's expertise in creating impactful marketing tools like "A Boat Called Freedom" has greatly contributed to our success at McPherson Enterprises®. His storytelling ability and commitment to our goals have reinforced our position as a unique succession planning firm in the United States.

In summary, I wholeheartedly endorse Bill Bishop for his exceptional talents. His work has attracted new clients and strengthened our industry-specific position. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration.

Doug McPherson

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Bill Bishop's guidance has been instrumental in the unprecedented growth of Senior Retirement Planners. As CEO, I've witnessed our business double in sales and expand operations significantly since packaging our proprietary retirement planning process, The Guaranteed Income Process™. Thanks to Bill's expertise, we've attracted more significant clients and transformed our approach. Through his guidance, we've learned to emphasize the value we bring, putting personal plans ahead of products. The BIG Idea Adventure has truly transformed our business into a client-driven, gourmet experience, allowing us to charge fees for our advice and provide comprehensive plans. Bill's impact has been invaluable.

Jim Poe • Senior Retirement Planners

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Bill Bishop's guidance has been transformative for my financial planning practice. By packaging our services as The Total Wealth Advantage program, Bill helped us stand out in a crowded marketplace of financial planners. This approach has clarified our value proposition for clients, making them feel part of a special process. As a result, we've attracted over 20 high-end clients who recognize the unique value we offer. The return on investment has been outstanding, and we continue to work with BIG to enhance our branding, packaging, and marketing efforts—an aspect often overlooked by financial advisors. Bill's expertise is truly invaluable.

Ken Van Leeuwen • Financial Services

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Bill Bishop's partnership has been a pivotal factor in the remarkable success of Walker Financial Services, Inc. With his guidance, I've not only increased income but also developed and packaged my BIG Ideas, including The WorryFree Retirement® process. Bill's expertise helped me focus on my ideal clients and refine my process effectively. Working with BIG has reinforced the value of having a coach and external counsel. Our packaging efforts have enabled me to articulate my services concisely, even to new employees. This streamlined approach has not only enhanced my business but also attracted other advisors looking to leverage my process. Bill also played a crucial role in outlining my book, "Perfecting Your Walk™ in Retirement: 10 Steps to a WorryFree Retirement," published in 2005.

Tony Walker  • Walker Financial Group

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Bill Bishop's guidance has been instrumental in the growth of Woodman And Eaton, our law firm in Concord, Mass. We transitioned from traditional legal services to providing The Master Plan Program, integrating financial, legal, estate, and life planning for high-net worth clients. This unique package not only differentiates us but also expands our revenue streams. The packaging under The Master Plan name simplifies our story and boosts client confidence, making them more decisive. Bill also helped us publish a book, adding credibility and positioning us as innovators. Professionally packaging our program has given us clarity and a strong foundation for future success.

Byron Woodman • Woodman & Eaton 

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Bill Bishop's guidance has been instrumental in transforming my approach as a financial advisor in Jackson, Mississippi. With his assistance, I created The Discovery Process, which has not only increased my passion but also my profits. Instead of solely selling products, I now act as a coach, asking questions and sharing stories to make a meaningful difference in my clients' lives. The process has deepened client relationships, leading to more product and service sales. Focusing on rates of contentment rather than just returns has allowed me to build trust and loyalty, with 90% of my clients choosing to work with us exclusively. Bill and his team at BIG have helped me create a step-by-step process that allows me to do what I love and get paid for it, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Andy Wimberly • Wimberly & Associates

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Bill Bishop's guidance through The BIG Idea Adventure was a game-changer for my entrepreneurial journey. As a former broadcast journalist, I struggled to monetize my storytelling skills. Joining the adventure was the smartest move I made; I quickly acquired 100 new clients and generated over $200,000 through The Success Story Program we developed.

The brand and package have set me apart in my marketplace, allowing people to recognize my unique talent and how it benefits them. This rapid success reaffirms that anyone seeking to monetize their expertise should undergo this branding and packaging process—it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Diana Bishop • The BIG Story Program

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