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BUILD A VIRTUAL BUSINESS: Work Anywhere • Make More Money • Have More Fun


IN THE FUTURE, 99% OF ALL BUSINESSES WILL BE VIRTUAL.  They will be virtual because most of the value created in the future will be intangible: based on ideas, creativity, relationships, and advanced technology like A.I. 

Virtual businesses are extremely profitable because they have very low fixed overhead.  They are versatile because they can adapt much more quickly to changes in the marketplace compared to their bricks-and-mortar counterparts. They are also more fun to run because you don't have to deal with so many physical details, and you can work anywhere.

Certainly, the pandemic showed the power of owning a virtual business.  When COVID-19 struck, it was non-virtual businesses that suffered the most.  Most virtual businesses thrived.  Now, as we come out the other end of the pandemic, the power of virtual business is apparent, and the economy is never going back.  Virtual business is the future.

So where is your business headed?  What are your plans to make your business virtual?  What new strategies and technology will you use?  What virtual products and services will you provide?   What is your VVP (virtual value proposition)?

In this video, I present How To Build A Virtual Business. I  explain the core strategies and technology needed to build a virtual "new factory" business.  You will leave excited and empowered to succeed in the virtual future.

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