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How To Sell A Lobster has been published in 25 countries and translated into 12 languages.  More than 1 million copies have been sold worldwide

I get emails everyday from people around the world  who have read How To Sell A Lobster. It’s great to hear that the strategies in the book are working for them. Here is a recent message I got from a woman in India:


Hi Bill,


I'm Vinodh from India and I'm 23 of age..I bought your book in a book fair held in Chennai and after reading the book,I was dumbstruck by the content of the book..  It is the best book I have ever read. Let me tell you my background first..I'm an engineering graduate in electronics with 94%..Soon after I completed my degree,I got a prestigious job in a reputed software concern..I worked as a junior programmer for 1 year..Then something told me that I'm not a guy who goes to a 9 to 5 job without any other experience and adventure..


So,I resigned my job and wanted to start my own venture..Since there was so much competition in electronics field, I decided to start a transport company..I bought a truck by paying 30% net amount and 70% loan..I should say that I've underestimated the transport business..The result ? I surrendered the truck to the bank since I couldn’t pay the EMI..The loss was 3 lakhs..


I couldn’t think what to do next..Then I had an idea of supplying prawn to the local hotels since I know reliable sources who can sell prawn pretty cheap..I made clear that the prawn's price is absolutely cheaper than its current price..So right now I'm in the process of finding a warehouse to store the prawns..Since I'm starting new,I have to give something for free to my customers(as per your example) I don’t know how to proceed in this case..My business is simple..I'm going to buy the prawn from the one grows it and sell it to the local hotels...


But apart from this..I just wanted to congratulate you for writing a such a great book..I've pointed out important points from the book and I'm gonna preserve it to my next generation as well..My best wishes to you..I'd be pretty happy and honored If you post a reply..



Thanks & Regards

Vinodh L



Here are some other comments about the book:


My husband and I really enjoyed your book. So much excellent advice in such a complete package! We are impressed! But we must know: "Who is marketing Mike? Please reveal the mystery! Thanks for improving our business!

Jamie and Kelly


My name is Taseo. I am a third year BBA student . I have just finished reading your book How To Sell A Lobster and I can honestly say I learned more about marketing than in my recent 5 month marketing course.  The material was simple to digest which was a real treat for me since it is a big change from overly wordy and flat out boring marketing text books.  I just wanted to thank you for writing this book and allowing me to share the experience you've gained in the marketing world.



I have just finished reading your book How To Sell A Lobster. It was fascinating and I couldn't put it down until I had finished reading it cover to cover.  Most of the challenges that were described in your book are exactly the challenges that we are facing as a small company trying to "get off the ground". I am very interested in exploring in more detail how those marketing strategies could be applied to our business.



Found that your book How To Sell A Lobster was spell binding and I was unable to put it down. So I did not until I finished. One question though who is Marketing Mike? We will be trying The Three Boxes in our business presentation. Thank You

Brian & Diana


I just finished your book How To Sell A Lobster. It is an absolutely fantastic book! I thoroughly enjoyed every single chapter - each one packed with valuable information, and written in an extremely easy to read writing style! This is definitely one of the most "valuable" books I have read, and I have read a LOT of books over the years! I will definitely be APPLYING it!



I have just completed reading your book How To Sell A Lobster for the first time.  I will guarantee there will be many rereads.  It was an extremely interesting and eye-opening experience.  I am also glad to learn that you are Canadian.  I think it is well overdo that we have some Canadian talent of this quality.



I gave How To Sell A Lobster to my brother-in-law who owns a small bakery.  At first he told me he would never read it (he's not a "reader").  I gave it to him anyway.  He started reading it . . .  called me up and couldn't stop raving about how good the book was (gee . . . what a surprise!).  He then wanted to find out where he could get more of these books.  He wanted to give one to his manager and a few more copies for his business partners.  He feels every business owner should read How To Sell A Lobster!



I just read your book How To Sell A Lobster, and as a partner in a small consulting firm, I found it enjoyable and insightful. I have also asked my colleagues to read it. I am hopeful that we can apply some of the learning, as we relate to so many of the examples described. I wanted to take a minute and thank you for sharing the experience.



Well, Mr. Bishop you've peaked my curiosity. I have just finished How To Sell A Lobster and must know, who is Marketing Mike?  Besides having a wealth of knowledge and insight into human nature, he must   also be one of great generosity to have shared his wisdom so  willingly with you. My curiosity is peaked....please tell me who is Marketing Mike?



I am reading your book for a second time. Your teaching and techniques are an eye opener and has really stuck with me. At the first time of reading I didn't implement anything so upon reading your book the second time, I put your techniques to work at a yard sale I did and it was amazing how much I sold by giving people a choice, i.e. 1 item for $1 or any 2 for $1.50. I worked with myself to look at what I was doing as marketing items I no longer needed and someone else did. I am looking forward to utilizing your teaching in other areas of my life and helping my grown children as well.



Where were you three years ago?   I have been struggling to keep my head above water in this business (which I love very much) but it's tough. The "Lobster" book was excellent.



I just finished reading your book How To Sell A Lobster. Great read! And I must say, I love the ideas and mind set you create. I am fascinated by many of the principles your book How To Sell A Lobster defines/shares. And as an actor, I am trying to apply these principles to what I do and my career.



I read your book and loved it. Every word, every page...



My name is Olga. I am from Ufa, the big city in the middle of Russia. I decided to write this letter with words of gratitude for your book How To Sell A Lobster. When I took this small book in my hands in a bookshop firstly I was not impressed much but I decided to buy it. I was very surprised. I found all advice from the book very useful for my retail business. Especially I was impressed with an advice “Three Boxes”. Now, when a customer is in my coffee-tea boutique, my seller asks him: “How much of product do you want to buy: 100, 150 or 200 grams?”. And 8 from 10 customers usually answer “150”, and sometimes “200”! Although the minimum volume of purchase is 50 grams. Other advice also useful. For example, the advice about “box of chocolate”. We made mini-pockets with tea (just for a one cup) and now offer them to vacillating customers with floor prices. And often these people come back to our boutique to buy bigger volume of tea. So I would like to tell “thank you very much” for your book How To Sell A Lobster.



I read your book (the Romanian translation) in couple of hours after my wife bought it. I was happy and nervous in the same time. Happy because I saw in Marketing Mike someone that I have been for most of my friends and most of my employers (if they were smart enough to listen), and nervous to see that I did not consider doing from this as a business.



I recently ordered 5 copies of your book, How To Sell A Lobster, through  I feel it’s the perfect gift for some of my small business clients who struggle to grasp some of the key marketing concepts that could propel their endeavours to the next level of success.  Your presentation methods are classic, simple and most of all direct, enabling you to reach your audience on a deeper level.  I’ve read through my copy six or seven times and keep coming back for reminders.


Keep up the good work and I look forward to your upcoming releases.



What readers say:

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