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How To Sell A Lobster

The Money-Making Secrets of A Street-Wise Entrepreneur


Are you just one idea away from dramatically bigger sales? Thirty years ago, Bill Bishop won a waiter contest by selling more than 1,400 lobsters. The second place finisher sold 90 of them. Until recently, Bill didn’t tell the secret behind this feat until the publication of his book How To Sell A Lobster, which is now read by entrepreneurs and salespeople in 25 countries around the world in a dozen languages.


"When I used the traditional sales approach, no one wanted to buy a lobster from me," Bishop says. "But then I made a small change to my sales pitch and sold 1,400 of them, winning the contest hands down. The second person sold 90 lobsters. This taught me a very important lesson about marketing. I call it The #1 Lobster Lesson.”


Inspired by this insight, Bill embarked on a mission to unearth more unconventional marketing lessons and share them with others.  In this presentation, Bill explains seven of these “Lobster Lessons”, so you and your audience can sell more lobsters too.


In this educational and fun presentation, you'll learn how to:


• Use a “BIG Idea” to sell more products and services;


• Stop being a “penguin” and stand out as unique from the competition;


• Make the transition from “fast food” to “gourmet”;


• Use “high-value words” to get the attention of more prospects;


• Get more customers with less effort using the “line-up” strategy;


• Close prospects faster and easier using the “yes/no” approach;


• Make bigger sales using the “three boxes” strategy;


• Increase revenue-per-customer by creating a “value hub”


and much, much more.

How To Sell A Lobster Testimonials

My husband and I really enjoyed your presentation. So much excellent advice in such a complete package! We are impressed! But we must know, "Who is marketing Mike? Please reveal the mystery! Thanks for improving our business!

Jamie and Kelly LaFramboise


Great presentation and very helpful - 'How To Sell A Lobster'.

Tom Michelini


Really enjoyed your presentation. I am applying some of your ideas to my business.

 Mike Howard


I enjoyed your presentation so much and am looking forward to meeting you in June at Casey's summer conference in Hamilton. Who is Marketing Mike?  I'm very curious.

Pat Hopper


Found that your presentation How To Sell A Lobster was spell binding. One question though who is Marketing Mike. We will be trying the three boxes in our business presentation. Thank You

Brian & Diania Halliday


I enjoyed your presentation and I would like to know who is Marketing Mike?

Eric Constantine


I have watched your presentation many times.  There is so much information that I can use in my business. Thanks very much for a great presentation. Now to the question! Who is Marketing Mike?  I am very curious. Thanks

Betty Ardila


I just watched your presentation How To Sell A Lobster. It is an absolutely fantastic presentation! I thoroughly enjoyed every single strategy—each one packed with valuable information, and written in an extremely easy to read writing style! This is definitely one of the most "valuable" presentations I have seen, and I have seen a LOT of presentations over the years! Thanks again for all your knowledge you shared in this presentation. I will definitely be APPLYING it!

Wayne Clarke


I have just completed watching your presentation "How To Sell A Lobster" for the first time.  I will guarantee there will be many repeat viewings.  It was an extremely interesting and eye-opening experience.  I am also glad to learn that you are Canadian.  I think it is well overdo that we have some Canadian talent of this quality.  I am a business owner myself involved in many ventures.  I would appreciate learning who or what marketing mike is.  Furthermore, assuming this is being read by you, I look forward to having an ongoing communication with you. 

Chris Vardon


My name is Taso Georgopoulos, I am a third year BBA student at the

Schulich School of Business, I have just finished watching your presentation How to Sell a Lobster and I can honestly say I learned more about marketing in that hour then in my recent 5 month marketing course.  The material was simple to digest which was a real treat for me since it is a big change from overly wordy and flat out boring marketing presentations.  I just wanted to thank you for creating this presentation and allowing me to share the experience you've gained in the marketing world. 

Taso Georgopoulos


Hi Bill. I really enjoyed your presentation at our summer conference was great!  So, tell me all about Marketing Mike.  Have an awesome day!

Dave Chancey


I have just finished watching your presentation "How to sell a Lobster". Most of the challenges that were described in your presentation are exactly the challenges that we are facing as a small company trying to "get off the ground". I am very interested in exploring in more detail how those marketing strategies could be applied to our business.



Hi, my name is Natalie and I am 12 years old. While at an Interbiz Function I chose the presentation, How to Sell A Lobster.  I enjoyed it very much!  My favourite story was The LineUp, because I found it was a very smart way to make customers interested in your business.  My mom and I enjoyed your presentation and we thought it was very funny. My mom thinks that Marketing Mike is you and I am not quite sure.  Thank you,

Natalie Jakopin


I have enjoyed attending your "how to" presentation very much, and intend to try to implement some of the strategies in to my non-profit world.... I'll let you know with what success, but I am optimistic that the same principles apply to both non-profit and for-profit.

Adrienne Davidson, Executive Director,

Burlington Community Foundation


I gave your book How To Sell A Lobster to my brother in law who owns a small bakery.  At first he told me he would never read it (he's not a "reader").  I gave it to him anyway.  He started reading it . . .  called me up and couldn't stop raving about how good the book was (gee . . . what a surprise!).  He then wanted to find out where he could get more of these books.  He wanted to give one to his manager and a few more copies for his business partners.  He feels every business owner should read "How to sell a Lobster

Pat Anderson, Sectro Inc.


I just attended your presentation “how to sell a lobster”, and as a partner in a small consulting firm, I found it enjoyable and insightful. I have also asked my colleagues to watch it, I am hopeful that we can apply some of the learning, as we relate to so many of the examples described. I wanted to take a minute and thank you for sharing the experience, and would love to hear more about you and Mike.

Dawood Khan


Good day, Mr. Bishop!

My name is Marina. I am writing to you from the Ukraine. Some time ago I bought your book "How To Sell A Lobster". I think that I'm not the first who wrote to you about this book. But I want to say thank you! Your presentation is a great find for me.I learned a lot of useful and interesting for my business.

Like you, I work in marketing. Your presentation has inspired me, gave a new stage of development. And it not only concerns the business. I look at the world differently. Thank you for sharing your life and professional experience.I wish you professional victories and creative successes!


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