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The BIG Idea Partner Program™

Be a part of the BIG Idea revolution


Innovative BIG Ideas enable today’s successful companies stand out from their competition, attract new customers, and increase their revenue. By creating new products & services, disruptive business models, and attention-grabbing marketing strategies, today’s forward-thinking companies revolutionize  their industries and soar above their competition.


Helping companies develop innovative BIG Idea is a lucrative business. During the past 15 years, we’ve generated more than $20 million in revenue by taking 5,000 plus companies through our step-by-step innovation process called The BIG Idea Adventure™. Thanks to our process, these companies have created amazing BIG Ideas that have earned them billions of dollars in new revenue.


Now you can become a BIG Idea coach.  We’ll train you how to sell and deliver our proprietary BIG Idea process.  We’ll provide you with all of the support, materials, and training you need to become a successful BIG Idea coach.  


You can participate on two levels: as a Referral Partner, or as a BIG Idea Coach.


As a Referral Partner you send prospective clients to us and we deliver the process.  Your commission is 10% for revenue under $10,000 per year.  This increases to 15% between $10,000 and $25,000, and 20% over $25,000.  (Based on annual revenues)


As a Coaching Partner we train you to be a BIG Idea coach. 60% of the revenue goes to you for sales  under $25K.   This jumps to 75% for any revenue over $25,000.


Being a BIG Idea coach is fun, fulfilling and lucrative.  It’s fun to help people come up with BIG Ideas.  It’s fulfilling to see these BIG Ideas become a reality in the marketplace.  And it’s a lucrative business.  BIG Idea coaches typically earn $250 to $400 an hour.


To learn more about The BIG Idea Partner Program, call 647.436.8829 or email at

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