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Level 1:

Marketing Services


• Marketing & Business Consulting

• Writing and Graphic Design

• eBook, Book and Newsletter Publishing

• Social Media Content & Promotion Services

• Presentation development and coaching

• Marketing technology training

• Creativity Workshops

• General marketing administration services

Level 2:

The BIG Idea Adventure Program


• Creation & Packaging of your BIG Idea

• Develop of your BIG Idea message and script

• Creation of your BIG Idea program stage by stage

• Development of BIG Idea promotional ideas and marketing plan

• Graphic design of BIG Idea marketing materials

• Development of detailed BIG Idea program manual

• On-going BIG Idea launch support

Level 3:

The New Factory

Accelerator Program


• Creation of your new economy business

• New economy BIG Idea & business model

• Detailed new economy implementation action plan

• Packaging of your new economy business (name, story, process, graphics, marketing material)

• Technology development

• Lean start-up launch support & accountability

Membership in New Economy Network

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