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Become a video & streaming master

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Set up a pro video studio at your desk

Join us for the StudioPro Workshop, a comprehensive training session designed to transform your office into a professional video production and streaming studio. This workshop is tailored for professionals looking to elevate the quality of their video communications, whether for impactful Zoom calls, engaging webinars, or captivating video content.


What You Will Learn:


Optimal Lighting Setups: Discover how to manipulate lighting to create the perfect ambiance for different types of videos.

Camera Choices and Placement: Learn about the best cameras for your needs and strategies for their placement to capture high-quality video.

Advanced Sound Equipment: Explore microphone types and soundproofing techniques to enhance audio clarity and quality.

Streaming Software Mastery: Get hands-on experience with leading software solutions like OBS and Ecamm Live for seamless video streaming and recording.

Advanced Tools: Learn how to use teleprompters and Stream Deck tools to increase the quality and professionalism of your productions.


Why Attend the StudioPro Workshop?

Enhance Professional Image: Professional-quality video productions can significantly boost your image and personal brand.

Increase Engagement: High-quality video and audio make your presentations more engaging and can hold your audience’s attention longer.

Boost Communication Effectiveness: Clear and professional video communications are more persuasive and give a better impression to clients and colleagues.

Expand Content Reach: Learn to produce content that is worthy of wider distribution, potentially increasing your reach and impact.

Hands-On Experience: Unlike online tutorials, this workshop offers you direct interaction with experts and immediate feedback on your setup and techniques.


Whether you are a business professional, educator, marketer, or content creator, mastering the art of video production and streaming is crucial in today’s digital world. Don't miss this chance to gain the skills and confidence to produce studio-quality videos right from your office. Secure your spot today and start making a difference with your video communications!

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